Misty Line mirrors

A family of mirrors in 3 different shapes. Half mirror is sandblasted and mat and reflective on the other side. A relation between the visible and the invisible but still perceptible.

Memory Pulse carpets

The memory is the matter of which culture and identity are made of. But today, memory is getting feeble and elusive as we delegate it to the digital ecosystem.

Material Spirits

Since ancient times objects have provided scaffolding to people’s lives and deaths by giving expression to their hopes and fears. This is why humans have always decorated objects – because they felt them as inhabited by sentient spirits.

Picnic Blanket Lanificio Leo

The Liquid Check picnic plaid is a tribute by Federico Pazienza to Victor Vasarely, father of Op-art who in the 60s and 70s with his accurate style transformed into art the study of invisible architecture that is the basis of a perception of reality.


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federico pazienza studio

DISCLAIMER: The following BIO might sound different.

The studio was founded by the italian designer Federico Pazienza in 2015 and it is based in Rotterdam ever since. The studio has a monodisciplinary approach (inviting designers to describe the edges of design in order to define themself as multidisciplinary).

The focus of the studio is to develop projects moulded by the culture they insert themself into. Objects are like actors inside a play without a script.

The studio never won yet one of the thousand awards and it stays truth on its mission. With that being said we hope you like us anyway.

N.B. No interns had been mistreated or used as only work force.

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