Memory Pulse carpet

Designing the future is easy“ it is a blank canvas. Designing the past is more difficult “ it is a black canvas. The memory is the matter of which culture and identity are made of. But today, memory is getting feeble and elusive as we delegate it to the digital ecosystem. No longer a given to take care of, memory needs to be designed now “ otherwise, it will fade into thin air only to be captured as information-laden, yet meaningless data. Because when it is social media, those which tell you what are your memoirs, you are no longer in charge of your own memory, and in losing the hold on your past you lose the ownership of your identity. Designers used to deal with the future. Today, they should design the past and future alike “ both the roots and branches simultaneously. Not so much like the source of a river, rather like a stone thrown into the water which makes the waves p

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